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Jul 31, 2009

Can Do — Martin Ball

If you’re looking for creative inspiration, Maira Kalman delivers in spades.

Everything is invented.
Language. Childhood. Careers.
Relationships. Religion.
Philosophy. The Future.
They are not there for the plucking.
They don’t exist in some
        natural state.
They must be invented by People.
And that, of course, is a great thing.
Don’t mope in your room.
Go invent something.
That is the American message.
Electricity. Flight. The Telephone.
Television. Computers. Walking on
the Moon. It never stops.

The quote is great, but it’s her delivery that truly slays. Don’t miss it.

Maira Kalman, with her late husband Tibor Kalman, made a commitment to how design and art can be agents of change without regard for personal income (Tibor Kalman’s design retrospective book is titled “Perverse Optimist”). Their fearless dedication to craft, perfection (of a sort) and work are very inspirational to me personally.

Seeing that she has a new blog post up on the New York Times is better than a birthday or Christmas present. I read them slow, and then I read them again and again.

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