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Fastball! for August 2009

Aug 18, 2009

Habits, heavy lifting, and the possibility of suck — Martin Ball

John August on Writer’s Block:

You know who gets writer’s block? Non-writers. They think it’s cool and romantic to struggle to make Art. They make sure everyone knows how torturous the process is, so when they finally squeeze something out, it won’t be judged on its merits but rather the emotional anguish involved in its creation.

Writers write. Hacks whine about how hard it is.

Here’s the whole interview, but the quoted section above is from his notes which are worth reading.

Aug 12, 2009

Vast Hell — Martin Ball

In those days, there were two barbers in Puente Viejo. Now I realize that if he’d gone to Old Melchor’s he might never have met the French Woman, and no one would have gossiped about them. But Melchor’s place was at the other end of town, and I had no reason to anticipate what happened.

The fact is that I sent him to Cerviño’s place, and it seems that while Cerviño was giving him a haircut the French Woman appeared. And the French Woman looked at the boy the way she looked at all men. And that was when the bloody business started, because the boy stayed on in town and we all thought the same thing: that he’d stayed on because of her.

Guillermo Martínez’s short, from the April 27th New Yorker. The hope, when I read a story this good, is that I learn something and become a better writer because of it.

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