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Fastball! for October 2009

Oct 29, 2009

Alternatively. — Martin Ball

Mr. Merlin Mann on rejection:

It’s not your fucking allowance, guys. It’s business. Keep writing, keep submitting, paper your walls, and cowboy up forever. The only person who owes you anything is you. Maybe. If you’re lucky.

He used the Exquisite Corpse as an example. I submitted poems to the Exquisite Corpse when it was publishing its oddly-sized, snide and wonderful print edition, probably about the same time that Merlin was submitting to Esquire (he had higher aspirations than I, no doubt).

I used nice stationary, naïvely thinking that this would somehow dress my work up. My rejection letter said “Keep at it, but use cheaper paper. It’s just not worth it.”

Oct 23, 2009

Nearly Universal Literacy Is a Defining Characteristic of Today’s Modern Civilization; Nearly Universal Authorship Will Shape Tomorrow's — Martin Ball

Nearly everyone reads. Soon, nearly everyone will publish.

Seems about right to me.

(via @shirky)

Oct 08, 2009

Sarah Vowell on Rachel Maddow — Martin Ball

Sometimes it’s just fun to watch video of writers you love.

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